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A poll of sorts. - oh god, not another Lost community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
oh god, not another Lost community

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A poll of sorts. [Dec. 29th, 2004|11:25 pm]
oh god, not another Lost community
Because it's the one thing about the show that consistantly drives me crazy, aside from Kate's perpetual boringness.

Poll #410381 flowers in the attic, castaway edition

What the hell is up with Shannon and Boone?

They have a skeezy incestuous relationship.
They have a skeezy non-incestuous relationship.
Nothing's wrong, Boone is just gay as blazes.
They're not really brother and sister.
They're just brother and sister. And like, ew.
They're both evil robots from space and the future.
There's something else going on with them (elaborate in the comments)

Please do discuss. Personally, I think that the possibility of Boone being gay slightly outweighs the possibility of them playing Flowers in The Attic during the eight o' clock hour. Though I may be wrong. Personally, if Boone likes the ladies I will eat my hat.

From: jubilancy
2004-12-30 07:10 am (UTC)
As the great Orson Scott Card recently pointed out in a most illuminating article, it doesn't matter which gender one prefers sexually, since we are all capable of marrying the correct one, as dictated by such people as the The American Midwest. Boone may not like girls, but he can't be gay!
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From: kelly_yoyo
2004-12-30 07:30 pm (UTC)
*Strangles Card unmercifully with all eight tentacles*

If Boone were gay, Shannon would be nicer to him I think. But on the other hand, he hasn't done any panting around Kate or Claire. Hmmm. Perhaps.

I think that Shannon's deathly ill, and Boone was about to donate a kidney or something to her. All her snarking about him being a bleeding heart is about her having a bit of a death wish and not wanting him to prolong her life.
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